donderdag 3 december 2009

Amazing blog, Amazingly stylish girl

Le Blog de Betty is my very favourite blog to look for some inspiration of women's fashion. she has a very own style I think and it's totally adapted to her own beauty, so almost every outfit she wears, fits her completely. I like her style very, very much because it's quit timeless. She mixes new trends and styles with vintage stuff, which gives a very nice combination. Aparantly she loves studs and glitters, that go her very well. But most of all, I'm completely in love with all her magnificent shoes... She has thousands of pairs I believe! The ones below are just my selection of them... just check it out yourself, there's no greater blog with so much personality in it!

woensdag 2 december 2009

A drawing a day keeps the doctor away

I really, really love the concept of A Drawing A Day. Lauren Nassef, the artist of all the drawings, makes everyday one little, unimportant, cute drawing. He does that since the 5th of November 2007. A little calculation shows us that he has made (30-5+31+366+356-31-28 = 728) 728 drawings already! Sometimes he skips a day, but then he makes like 4 drawings the next day! I think he's pretty amazing. His drawings are simple, yet allways good and nice...
Here are his very first drawing of the project and the latest one:
His other drawings are of course also very nice (actually they're more beautiful and more refined).