zondag 18 oktober 2009

Sunday inspiration


This picture makes me feel really comfortable, like the inner peace of something. It looks like a lazy-sunday-picture, wich i like on my own lazy sunday! My room is also very messy, and the only things i do are drawing, laying, bathing and enjoying the rest...
I truly adore this picture... It reminds me to a book i've read quite some time ago: Hygiène de l’assassin(The hygiene of the assassin) by Amélie Nothomb. It's a wonderfull, pretty strange book that leaves you in a strange state of confusion at the end. On one hand it's very poetically and melancholic, but on the other hand, it's almost horror, very cruel. I don't have it myself at the moment, but i'm really going to buy it. It's one of my favourites and a really must-have to me...
I just love this one. Nothing more, nothing less.
Freedom! My greatest wish is to fly myself, without an airplane, or artificial wings,... That must be really, really great...
Amélie Poulain! Amélie Poulain! Amélie Poulain!
The most beautiful film ever and ever and ever.
Everybody who has seen the film should think about it when seeing this photo...

2 opmerkingen:

Anoniem zei

It's not Amelie, It's my My Blueberry nights. (:

Fatty Louis zei

haha, yeah, I did know that it was not Amelie, but it reminded me of the movie :) and I didn't know which film it was :) thank you!
nice to watch?