maandag 30 mei 2011

Well these are busy times, so why don't show some of my work?!
Here I'm having one of the thousand coffee's we have each week! And we're working on a bridge we have to make! really cool stuff! Underneath you can see two of my final projects for this year. enjoy!

The first project is for my (most important) course 'architectural design'.
We had to design an academy for divers, with a boarding school in it.
I really enjoyed working on it, even in the late-night-hours... I really worked my ass of to get it completed in time!
Here you have an air-view of the environment, two renders of the final building, and two interior-views.

 The second project is for 'study of design', and a part of that course is to learn how to put areas, buildings, woods, ... in plan. It's all about graphic and precision. We had to make plans of sections of the park 'Rozebroeken', near Ghent. 
First I'll show the environment again, afterwards some pictures we used to construct our sections and then the final poster, which I do like in the end!

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